How to add an extra day to your life

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This story has begun more than two thousand years ago and may have a huge impact to your life at the end of this month. It has some romance, some sci-fi and some exhistentialism.

It all started with a romantic infusion. In 46 b.C. Caesar and Cleopatra were having their famous liason that could have completely changed our history. Well, it has, in part. Indeed Cleopatra introduced her dear astronomer Sosigenes to Caesar in order to redesign the Roman calendar. This old calendar had only 304 days per year, therefore the seasonal festivities and the real seasons were not synchronized at all.

The scientific part is the creation by Sosigenes of the leap year (or bissextile year). Since the duration of the solar year is slightly less than 365,25, every 4 years we add one day to compensate. They chose to donate this extra day to the month of February.
This formula was revised a couple of times. Nowaday we add the extra day if the year is divisible by 4 and, and the only century years divisible by both 100 and 400 (read more).

What is the exhistentialist part?
Here it comes.
How many times we heard somebody or ourselves say “I have no time” or “24 hours a day are not enough”? Way too many.
One of the adaptive advantages of living beings is to see opportunities everywhere. An extra day could flow away just like the others, or we can make an opportunity out of it!
Just as the leap year serves to realign our artificial calendar to the natural year, we can use this extra day to realign ourselves to our values and what characterize us.

This initiative is by Amani Institute and iLEAP. The Amani Institute is slowly but powerfully changing the way we teach, so that it is among the 10 best “School for life” in the world.
Their program is #24more and is basically an invitation to stop and ask yourself:

What gives me meaning and fulfillment?
Why do I do what I do?
Am I living my values? And… what are they?

“We invite you to use this extra day to look inward, explore questions around who you are, what keeps you grounded, and why you do what you do. And how your experiences of happiness, purpose and social impact intersect with your work and your personal life!”

You can read and watch videos of the experience of other people in ther site, including CEOs, founders and many workers who decided to stop and think about what they are doing.
Many events around the world are going to add up culminating on the last day of February.

That is why, as psychologist and ecotherapist, I organized an event on February 28 in order to facilitate this process and give everybody the opportunity to stop, think and realign. You can read more about this event in The Hague at this link.