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Every month I organize a meeting in nature in or around The Hague in the early afternoon.

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monthly ecomeetings

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This monthly appointment gives people the opportunity to:
* have a free introduction to ecopsychology
* meet other people with the same interest
* explore every month a different topic related to ecotherapy
* spend some quality time in nature but close enough to their home
* visit every time different environments
* have nice food and drink in good company

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Saturday, March 20
h. 15:00-16:00
Location: The Hague
(detailed info after your booking)

Calendar 2016

March 20 – Welcome Spring!
Some packed food, some round table about spring in the different countries where we come from!

April 9 – Drawing Nature
Introduction to the workshop in April about “The Secret Life of Plants

May 14 – To be announced

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Can I join anytime?
Yes, you can join anytime: no meeting is the first one.

In attendance mandatory?
Nope, you can participate anytime you want, even just once. You will certainly meet some participants who are habitue, since our meetings are group oriented.

What happens during these meetings?
There is a topic we will discuss and a related activity. Depending on topic and weather, the activity is more or less physical and dynamic! Feel free to bring any food or drink you would like to share!

What happens if the weatherman forecasts rain?
The Netherlands is unpredictable weather-wise. I always check the weather a couple of days before the meeting: some rain is never an issue, but if the conditions are particularly uncomfortable, the location will be close to a shelter, or indoors.

Why is booking necessary?
The meetings are free and open to everybody, but I would like to know how many we are, in order to organize our work the best possible way.

Is the location secret??
Not at all! Even though the location is open and easily reachable, I will comunicate it just to the participants, so that we can work quietly without any disturb.