Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas

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How much waste paper to wrap our Christmas gifts ?!
A rhetorical question.
The answer? Well, an ecological disaster. How much paper torn and amassed every year on December 25?!
So why not sharpen our wits and do something that, besides ecological , is also very original and cool?

Some examples:

 xmas morningInternal recycling: that is, instead of tearing the paper, we educate children (and adults as well) to open their packages quietly (please, use no tape) to re-use the paper next time.

Newspapers: let’s take advantage of weird news to make funny packages for us ! Magazines, especially at Christmas time, are filled with pictures and figures that are great for wrapping a Christmas present.


Generic paper: we all have some generic wrapping paper home, we just need to add some fantasy and decoration, especially the ones taken from nature.

Bizarre: handkerchiefs and scarves, boxes of other products, food bags, rags, socks, toilet paper cardboard… And all that is beautiful, colorful and funny! And what about the satisfaction of reusing the colorful nets of onions, garlic and potatoes?! Would you have ever thought of such a fancy reuse?




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