Still violence against women

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In the Internation Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we should remember that violence takes many forms and can arise even in our family. For example:
when we force our women in the stereotypical role of princesses, mothers, housewives;
when we clip a girl’s wings demanding her to behave in a certain way, to dress with certain colors;
when we use “being a girl” or “you look like a woman” as an insult;
The best way to respect is allowing and (better) helping someone’s personal self-realisation. When this happens, the other ceases to be seen as one-dimensional based on their gender: they start to be precious human beings.
I hope to awaken one day in a world where fragilities are protected and every woman respected and loved, as every other being.

In this video, both girls and boys are asked to “run like a girl”. We all do have an idea of how a woman runs, it’s not our fault, it’s a stereotype repeated by medias, movies, schetches, etc.
But it is our fault if we believe that stereotype, or allow them to survive, get stronger and hurt people.

Girls run like girls do, just like they win the race and I am in crowd cheering for their victory, which is everyone’s.


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