Becoming a psychlogist is never a decision taken in a precise day. It rather is your story that leads you to that choice and you hope to be lucky enough to respond positively to this opportunity.


So my story led me to Rome where I graduated in Psychological Sciences of Development and Education at “Sapienza” University of Rome. ​Interested in close relationships and social psychology of the family, I wrote my thesis about “Improvement of the quality of same-sex engaged couples relationship: an empiric contribute“.
For my master studies, I decided to focus more on the relation of support between psychologist and patient. Therefore I earned my master degree in Health, Clinical and Community Psychology with an exchange period at “Universiteit Leiden” (Netherlands). I took advantage of being in a foreign country to write a culture-related thesis: “Eating disorders in the male population: comparison between Italy and the Netherlands“.

Then I decided to stay in the Netherlands in order to experience life in a country very different from my hometown and my culture.
NIPMy master degree has been evaluated as a Dutch master degree in Science of Clininal and Health Psychology by the Internationale Diplomawaardering (IDW).
Since 2011 I am a member of the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP, Lidmaatschapsnummer 214333).

I have experience of work with people of all ages:
* educative, social and didactic support to middle-school students with psycho-physical difficulties.
* counseling and psychological support to people victim of homophobia and discrimination.
* assistance, support and organization of activities for the patients of the departments of Orthopedics and Traumatology/Vascular surgery.

​I pursued my internship in the cooperative Servizio Psico Socio Sanitario (Rome) where, next to my tutor, I dealt with the coordination of different professions (cultural mediators and professional educators), the monitoring and counseling for homeless people in Rome and the management of social network of services around the customer.
I did also an internship in the general hospital Umberto I (Rome) in the endocrinology ward during the course “Hospital Psychology”, where I made assessment and counselling with patients, took part to the planning and realization of action-researches in the hospitals.

My passion and first interest is ecopsychology. Probably because I was a scout for 13 years, probably because I am a psychologist, probably because I was raised by my parents with a deep sense of civic respect for everyone and everything. Whatever the reason, I consider normal for a psychologist to take into account the environment revolving around the person, the influence and the continuous exchange between our body and mind and what is outside ourselves.

​Since 2012 I am a member of the Scientific Society of Vegetarian Nutrition.


2014 – Mindfulness and MBSR Protocol, Istituto A.T.Beck (Rome).
2013 – Voedingsdeskundige (Nutritionist Course), Civas (Haarlem).
2013 – Basic Ecopsychology Course “We are the Earth! Contributions in sinergy”, Marcella Danon (European Ecopsychology Society).
2010 – Lifetime Sexuality, Clinic Sexology Institute (Rome).
2006 – Educator’s work with migrants and their families, S.I.S.Mi.F. (Minors Support and Integration Service) (Rome).
2005 – S.O.S. Homophobia Project, Center for cognitive-behavioral therapy “Institute A. T. Beck.” (Rome).