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Many are the reasons why people turn to therapy and coaching. We have one life and one body, and yet we are several persons together: offspring and parents, spouses, bosses and employee, friends and siblings, etc. In every aspect of our life we are demanded to be more than competent, with perfect media models we constantly compare ourselves to. This stress can lead to anxiety, depression, disorientation, exhaustion, burn-out.


Working together, you will find a healthier way to live, up to your real needs and real goals.

It is a path useful to:
Know yourself better
Learn how your emotions work and manage them
Look back to understand how your past affects you
Be really aware of how you lead your life

To help you achieve (and keep) your psycho-physical wellbeing, we will use a variety of techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural ones, meditation like Mindfulness, Ecotherapy. To learn more, read How we work together.

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