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Impossible Escape by Erik Johansson

If you are reading this page, probably you are taking into consideration to ask for support. Whatever the reason to visit a therapist, certainly it has been affecting your life and you are not feeling happy, or healthy, satisfied, at peace. But the purpose is clear even before you begin: feeling better.
Contacting a therapist can be very difficult for some people, indeed the first step of a change is the hardest one, nonetheless are the rewards immeasurable.


IMG_20160311_155725bordoIn our sessions we will create a safe place, thanks to a supportive and therapeutic relationship. I am trained to support you in this difficult situation and will work together to help you grow stronger and be able to walk on your own feet.
A safe place means also that everything you say in our sessions will be kept confidential, except the rare cases where the patient could harm himself or someone else. This confidentiality is granted and helps you share whatever you like without being judged.


The intake session will last approximately 30-45 minutes., to allow us to get acquainted and you to present the reason why you decided to ask the support of a therapist.
The following sessions will last 45-50 minutes.
The frequency of our sessions depends on your needs: we may decide for a weekly frequency or you may need to be seen more often in a particular moment of your life. The same way the duration of our work together: some situations require ongoing appointments for a long-term support, whereas some others might benefit from a shorter therapy.
I will give you my professional opinion and we can decide together the best solution for you.

In our initial sessions I will determine the best approach for your situation and communicate you what our plan will be: since it is a journey we will take up together, it is important that you are aware of our position and know the direction we will take. It means that you might be guided to learn and practice particular skills and then share your experience during the session.
Some people prefer less structured sessions, sharing whatever is on their mind: we can work together to explore what you decide to bring to our sessions.

I work both in Den Haag and Amsterdam and we can find the most convenient choice for the both of us. Some clients may not be always able to come to the office: in this case we can have our session through Skype or over the phone.

WHAT TYPES OF ISSUES?IMG_20160308_113818bBordo

We can work successfully with issues related to: anxiety and depression problems, relationships, stress management, goal attainment, anger and other emotions issues, perfectionism, low self-esteem.
As a health psychology I can help you to attain a healthy lifestyle, get nutrition information, find and keep your diet and a steady physical activity routine.
As an ecotherapist, I might propose to include in our therapeutic plan some ecopsychology techniques and get some of our sessions outdoors. However this happen with the approval of the client and in specific cases.
I am trained to support migrants and their families. Both in Italy and in the Netherlands I have had experience of the difficulties internationals (or expats) need to deal with and what they need to cope with that sense of “in between” or a long-term plan far from their home country.

To learn more, hover your cursor over the “Specialties” tab at the top of this page or simply contact me to ask me any question or to schedule an appointment.