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According to the World Health Organization, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are responsible for 68% (38 million) of all deaths in 2012.
Also known as chronic diseases, the 4 main types of NCDs are:
• cardiovascular diseases (like heart attacks and stroke)
• cancers
• chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructed pulmonary disease and asthma)
• diabetes.

What are the main causes of NCDs?
Wrong life style behaviours, such as: unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, use of tobacco and abuse of alcohol.

And stress.
Stress is a form of adjustment to external strains. Everyday we face situations that suddenly disturb our balance, like dodging a scooter in the street. Our body reacts to the event, then it relaxes. But when unpleasant stimuli are continuous (distress), we have to bear the alarm for too long, though our body looks for a balance phase. What we may get is physical and psychological discomfort. These factors have negative consequences to the satisfaction we feel for our life: the more stress we perceive, the less satisfied we are about our life.

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Health is a state of being. Health is taking care of our body and our mind. Health is being aware of what has the power to make us feel good, very good.

As a health psychologist, my first task is to help people live a healthy life.
We make a habit of good diet, regular physical activity and open-air life. Step by step, together.


Is it easy to live healthy?
As many things in this world, it depends on the starting point. If you are used to eat many vegetables and fruit or to go to the gym or you like walking in parks, it can be easier than for others.
But no matter the starting point: everybody has plenty of time and possibility to change their behaviours and, with the help of a health psychology and motivation, you will reach your goals.


Are you curious to know how we can work together?
Go on reading this page and don’t hesitate to book an appointment to start from today your new, effective life.

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+/- 1,5 liters of liquids per day.

Prefer water to other drinks, avoid sweetened drinks.

Take a look to the American guidelines about what to drink and in what quantity.


United States guidance system for beverage consumption (Popkin, 2006)

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Healthy eating habits: the easiest, more frequent and powerful gift we can give ourselves!

More fruit and vegetables, less meat possible, avoid bad fats and too much sugar, included diet drinks. Who says that a healthy diet is boring and tasteless is talking prejudices. Or cannot cook!

Check my advices about nutrition and if you need support to find your diet or to keep it, find the best recipes to enjoy life at the table, contact me.

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Use your spare time doing what you really like, spend much time with friends and acquaintances.
Everytime you need to stop, your pause will give you extra energy for your tasks and chores.

Every life is stressful, what makes the difference is our attitude toward the events.

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Regular physical activity means at least 30 min of moderate activity, at least 4/5 times per week.
It helps control stress and gives you a general sensation of well-being, thanks to the substances yout body produces with physical activity.

Moreover it strengthens your muscles, joints and bones; it helps control your weight and decreases the risk of NCDs.

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Spend as much time as possible in the outdoors! Enjoy nature in the different seasons and, if possible practice your workout routine in a park, preferably with friends!

Follow my advices about ecotherapy and participate in one of the many workshops I give to experience actively the benefits of nature and meet new people to share this healthy habit.