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Why is nutrition so fundamental for our health and well-being?
Think about something you do every day of your life, several times per day. Because of this frequency, this thing has a strong impact on your life.
That’s why “eating” has an influence not only on our waistline, but also on the way we feel. Eating well is not about a diet: it is an attitude to the quality of our life, a lifelong relationship between what we introduce in our body and our welness.

There are many things that influence our well-being. Some of them are difficult to control and change (environment, pollution, relations). On the contrary, what to eat is generally very easy to decide.

And yet is eating not just about necessary nutrients, calories and healthy food. As species we transformed something essential into a social ritual and a complex interactions of ingredients, the art of cooking, to add pleasure to the necessity.

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Everyone is different, our bodies are different as well. So it goes without saying that, even though we generally work in the same way, there are foods which work better for some of us but give digestive troubles to some others.
There are plenty of reasons to these differences: allergies, intolerances, sensitivity, as well as attitudes, believes, preferences.
That’s why there is not such thing as universal diet. Nevertheless there are some guide lines useful for everybody and, for specific situations, the help of a dietist or a nutritionist.

Please feel free to ask more information about nutrition and the best diet for you. I will be glad to help you make your diet, counsel you when changing your nutritional behavior and help you keep your healthy life style.

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