Why bring a child into this world?

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Unilever is an Anglo-Dutch multinational, so big that we all have at least one of their product at home. Lipton, Bertolli, Findus, Dove, Coccolino, Mentadent, Axe, Knorr, etc.. This huge brand wants to use their resources for a better world. I do not dwell on the responsability of possible waste of resources that multinational corporations inevitably share, but I will reflect on the value of the gesture and what we all can learn.

Some couples waiting for a child were shown a very touching video. This video poses an important question that probably every responsible parent asks themselves: “Why bring a child into this world?”. The banality of the question comes up against reality:
would you bring your child in the slums of your city?
in a bar full of heavy smokers?
by the violent and racist neighbor?
near an oil well on fire?

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Why bring a child into this world that seems to have less and less respect and care for itself?
Because there are those who are committed to finding a solution to problems, or not cause them.
Because every day there is who studies to find a cure to a disease.
Because there is who is looking for new and revolutionary methods of cultivation to ensure food for all.
Because there is who studies new ways to offer clean water to every corner of the planet.

This is a message of hope: breathe calmly, take your child into this world, because there’s never been a better time to ensure a bright future to our children.


The responses of the parents to the video were all very touched and touching. I liked the simple thought of one of them, who said, “The world needs more good people, and I like to think that our son will be one of them.” If we want to consider ourselves and (actually) be responsible parents and give our children a nice place to live, it’s the everyday choices, the one of each of us, that will shape the future. Nowaday we all are aware, we have all the information to give our children a world better than the one we were born in, a world to be proud of, a world where our grandchildren will look around and thank us for the good work we did.


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