Carrots boost your manhood!

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They used to say that autoeroticism made you blind.
Then we were told that carrots help your eyesight.

Well, just one of the previous statements is correct, guess which one…

But o, how ironic! scientists found that carrots are good for your sperm as well!
But let’s start from the beginning.

The nutrients involved are carotenoids, organic pigments which give the characteristic orange-red color to fruit and vegetables.
And leaves… (see box on the right.)

There are more than 500 types of carotenoids, but this research focuses its attention on lycopene.

Plants already contain carotenoids, but in a smaller quantity than chlorophyll, which gives plants their brilliant green color. When in autumn chlorophyll degrades, carotenoids take over and give that season its warm color.

Some researchers in Rochester (New York) checked the sperm of nearly 200 college-age men before and after some requested dietary changes.

Results are promising: “carotenoid intake was associated with higher sperm motility and, in the case of lycopene, better sperm morphology“.

Well well, let’s see now where to find these wonderful sperm-trainers!
Pumpkin, carrot, watermelon, bell pepper, tomato, apricot, melon

And autumn leaves, of course! Heheh!

Lycopene is particuarly present in tomatoes (but also beans and parsley), especially if ripe, slightly cooked and added to some fatty acids (olive oil or avocado are excellent): no wonder that tomato sauce is an important part of mediterranean diet.

Let’s remind that a various, vegetables and fruit-rich diet is good anyway.


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