E tu mangi mindful o mindless?

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Nonostante le nostre migliori intenzioni, il momento dei pasti si sta separando sempre più dall'esperienza stessa del mangiare. Rapiti da televisori e, soprattutto, smartphone, è molto probabile che il nostro pranzo si svolga in fretta, tra un filmato su Youtube, lo scorrere di Facebook e il controllo delle email. Di quello che stiamo mangiando ci occupiamo al momento di comprarlo ... Read More

La salute si siede a tavola

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C’è un’arte per la quale gli italiani sono universalmente conosciuti: prima ancora di pittura, musica e moda, l’Italia nel mondo è sinonimo di buona cucina. Patria della dieta mediterranea (dichiarata patrimonio dell’umanità dall’UNESCO), l’Italia ha sviluppato una cucina capace di creare ottimi piatti con pochissimi ingredienti: per esempio, pasta, olio e pomodoro. E magari un tocco di basilico per ricordare ... Read More

What counts as a serving?

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Everybody knows that a healthy diet includes at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. This general tip, in addition to being healthy and adequate, also introduces many different flavors that can please all palates, thanks to the enormous variety of fruit and vegetable products from our planet. Let's clear up the meaning of the word "serving". First ... Read More

Psychobiotics against depression

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What we eat is what we are made of. It is not just a saying. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are made of the very same elements our body is made of, that's why we need these nutrients. How do our genes interact with these nutrients? This is what nutrigenomic studies. And since we all have a different body, the effort ... Read More

Carrots boost your manhood!

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They used to say that autoeroticism made you blind. Then we were told that carrots help your eyesight. Well, just one of the previous statements is correct, guess which one... But o, how ironic! scientists found that carrots are good for your sperm as well! But let's start from the beginning. The nutrients involved are carotenoids, organic pigments which give ... Read More

Why the Dutch are so tall?

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Why are the Dutch so tall? To answer this question, a research published this week on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  Olivier Richters, Dutch bodybuilder (219cm) Why are the Dutch so tall? To answer this question, a research published this week on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. THE TALLEST ONES First of all, Dutch people are ... Read More

Coca Cola + Stevia

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Sometimes corporations make me really laugh. For example McDonald’s, presenting a “new” sandwich different from the preceding one only for the position of the filling: the slice of meat is above the cheese, rather than under, or the sauce is considerably more dense. For example Coca-Cola, trying in every way to hide the deleterious effects of a continued consumption of … Read More

Are mushrooms animals?

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Often the most interesting discoveries happen by chance. That's what happened to me when I was watching the series "Hannibal". To be honest, the first episode I was not very interested. On the contrary, the second episode intrigued me. Without going into gruesome details (the enclosed picture is already quite disturbing ...), I will just say that FBI found in ... Read More

Dancretu’s food art

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Dancretu is a professional photographer who creates very beautiful sculptures and bas rilieves using food and skilful photographic techniques. Funny rabbits, elegant swans, sea horizons or diary constellations. Enjoy the show!

Breakfast around the world

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This morning I was having my semi-Italian breakfast, very different from when I was living with my Dutch friend Roel. I remember I thought, back then, that there is not much difference between a Dutch breakfast and a Dutch lunch... they both include slices of bread, butter and something to spread on them. Almost impossible to miss peanut butter or ... Read More

Fatty Acids

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In this post we talk about fatty acids. The name does not make them very appealing but, in spite of their fame, these nutrients are very important. Actually, they are essential and necessary: our body can't produce them. Fatty acids are part of the broader group of lipids, that we commonly call fat. As everyone knows, fats are an important ... Read More

Dieta vegetariana e benessere psicologico

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I benefici fisici di una dieta basata su cibi vegetali sono ben documentati. Poche ricerche, invece, hanno esplorato l’influenza della dieta vegetariana sulla nostra psiche. Tuttavia, recentemente sono stati effettuati tre studi al riguardo, segno che l’interesse verso il vegetarianismo è sempre crescente. Una ricerca del 2010 pubblicata sul Nutritional Journal ha investigato sull’effetto di un ridotto introito di acidi ... Read More