Primavera, Marte e biofilia

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Non tutti sanno che il calendario che usiamo al giorno d’oggi ha una storia lunga: ha origine, infatti, da quello che i Romani crearono nel 753 a.C., a sua volta basato su quelllo greco. Originariamente il calendario era basato sui movimenti della Luna e l’anno si apriva con il mese di Marzo: Martius Aprilis – dedicato all’agricoltura, il mese quando ... Read More

La demenza curata da una pianta preistorica?

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La Ginkgo biloba è la pianta vivente più antica del pianeta: i primi fossili sono stati trovati in strati di terreno risalgono a 250 milioni di anni fa. Se pensavate che i dinosauri fossero creature preistoriche, abbiamo qui una pianta che data precedentemente la loro comparsa sul pianeta Terra. L'incredibile resistenza di questa pianta, che ha attraversato le ereo geologiche, ... Read More

Partner violenti: disturbi di personalità vs tratti di personalità

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Le notizie di cronaca sono sempre troppo piene di storie di violenza sulle donne da parte del partner (Intimate Patrtner Violence, IPV). La violenza può essere definita come minacciare, tentare o esercitare azioni che hanno conseguenze fisiche, emotive, mentali o cognitive che interferiscono con il benessere di un’altra persona (HCR-20 Version 3, 2013). Nonostante la preoccupante diffusione, non sembra che ... Read More

Dieci alberi ti fanno felice

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La famosa ricerca di Ulrich negli anni Ottanta (i pazienti ricoverati in un ospedale sono stati dimessi quasi un giorno prima, se le finestre delle loro camere davano su alberi al posto che su un muro) hanno stimolato una domanda molto importante in alcuni scienziati guidati dal professore di psicologia Marc Berman (Università di Chicago): che tipo di potere curativo ... Read More

Teens, social media and sex

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Social media are part of our life, most people use it on a daily base, especially adolescents and young adults. The kind of use changes from person to person. 20% to 50% of adolescents show sexually revealing images of themselves on their online profile. What are the basis for this sexualization of their online profiles? Is it the easy access ... Read More

Psychobiotics against depression

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What we eat is what we are made of. It is not just a saying. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are made of the very same elements our body is made of, that's why we need these nutrients. How do our genes interact with these nutrients? This is what nutrigenomic studies. And since we all have a different body, the effort ... Read More

Sadness impairs color perception

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"Mood and emotion can affect how we see the world around us", says psychology researcher Christofer Thorstenson. This apparently simple statement is the result of a very interesting research in University of Rochester. We all use colors to talk about feelings: wouldn't you use yellow or orange to express happiness and excitement on a canvas, for example? Or blue and ... Read More

Autumn in the Japanese Garden (The Hague)

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Every autumn starts in The Hague with a touch of Oriental beauty. After the happy colors of the spring, the Japanese Garden offers its warm and contemplative embrace for a few days in October. The atmosphere is completely different and it helps our brain prepare to the new season and the upcoming cold. The small paths are now covered with ... Read More

Carrots boost your manhood!

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They used to say that autoeroticism made you blind. Then we were told that carrots help your eyesight. Well, just one of the previous statements is correct, guess which one... But o, how ironic! scientists found that carrots are good for your sperm as well! But let's start from the beginning. The nutrients involved are carotenoids, organic pigments which give ... Read More

Why the Dutch are so tall?

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Why are the Dutch so tall? To answer this question, a research published this week on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  Olivier Richters, Dutch bodybuilder (219cm) Why are the Dutch so tall? To answer this question, a research published this week on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. THE TALLEST ONES First of all, Dutch people are ... Read More

Restroom Etiquette

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Last month I wrote a post on how to urinate in the correct way. And also a couple of curious and interesting aspects of the topic. As promised, this month we’re going to look at the “pee” subject from another point of view. That is public urinals, those walls, the only walls in the world where to pee legally. Obviously … Read More

Are mushrooms animals?

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Often the most interesting discoveries happen by chance. That's what happened to me when I was watching the series "Hannibal". To be honest, the first episode I was not very interested. On the contrary, the second episode intrigued me. Without going into gruesome details (the enclosed picture is already quite disturbing ...), I will just say that FBI found in ... Read More

Meeting the perfect woman and man

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Do you know summer is coming? Do you know the infamous "bathing suit test" is coming as well? As if we could forget it... Recently, the brand Bluebella, which markets sexy clothing and accessories, asked its customers to create the perfect man and woman assembling pieces of bodies of  famous people. A sort of modern monsters of Frankenstein. It was ... Read More

Circadian rhythm, sleep and colors

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Last week we talked about the importance of the number 24 in regard to sleep, because that (almost) is the amount of hours it takes to our planet Earth to rotate completely around itself, the rotation that alternates day to night. Precisely it is 23h56m4s. This image leads us to another interesting (and sometimes controversial) topic: the circadian rhythm. This ... Read More

Sleep as brainwash

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We open the year with some interesting research concerning sleep, which topic we're going to address again during this month. The importance of quality and quantity of sleep is familiar to all of us, thanks to experience and common sense. Although each individual is different, the characteristics of a good night of sleep generally are: * a duration of about ... Read More

Cheap bioplastic by mistake!

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Plastic has a heavy impact on our environment. According to the Agency for Environmental Protection of the United States, in 2011 plastic constituted over 12% of municipal solid waste. This quantity, which at first glance may seem minimal, turns frightening if compared with that of the '60s, when the plastic waste accounted for less than 1%! Suddenly the world discovered ... Read More

Quit smoking the mindfulness

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Last week we talked about how mindfulness seems to increase body awareness. This increased awareness has effects on many aspects of our lives. A group of Chinese and American researchers have completed a pilot research on the influence that mindfulness can have on nicotine addiction. The focus of the research was not on the ability to quit smoking, but rather ... Read More

Meditation and body awareness

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The accuracy of the subjective perception of our own body widely differs between people. According to a research conducted in Canada, people who meditate have a more accurate perception of the signals coming from their body. For this study they recruited two groups of people: with and without experience of Vipassana meditation, the same at the base of Mindfulness, where ... Read More