We have always been part of the cycle

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What do a bumble bee and a farmer have in common? What’s the real difference between planting potatoes in a field and getting some nectar from a flower?

In this very interesting speach, journalist and author Michael Pollan helps us see things from a different point of you. Namely, the plant’s perspective.

When we plant something to eat, we think we are in charge and we are indipendently and consciously using a seed or a bulb in our advantage.
The bee itself thinks that he choose its favourite tree, its favourite flower to get food.

Both the human and the bee are disseminating the genes of a particular plant.
Therefore they both are playing the game of a plant which found its way through evolution to survive better than the others. How? Using other living beings as vehicle for its own genes.

The fact that we have the consciousness to look at the bee (and probably patronizing it) doesn’t make us superior: that tree survives thanks to his flowers which seduce the bees; the potato survives thanks to its nutrients and ease to be cultivated by human beings. What we need to understand is that we all are working together. There is not one moment when humans enter this cycle consciously: we ARE ALREADY in the cycle, we have always been part of it, we are alive in this moment of the history of the planet because we made our journey with all the rest of the beings, fellow travel companions.

So in this adventure we’ll better take care of the other players in our team, instead of exploiting them. That basically is the message of Michael Pollan, in this neat and fascinating talk.