Primavera, Marte e biofilia

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Non tutti sanno che il calendario che usiamo al giorno d’oggi ha una storia lunga: ha origine, infatti, da quello che i Romani crearono nel 753 a.C., a sua volta basato su quelllo greco. Originariamente il calendario era basato sui movimenti della Luna e l’anno si apriva con il mese di Marzo: Martius Aprilis – dedicato all’agricoltura, il mese quando ... Read More

Nora e Gregory Bateson, Monet e un nuovo modo di fare psicologia

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Domenica 19 novembre 2017 si è tenuto a Roma un workshop teorico esperienziale di Nora Bateson organizzato dall'Istituto Italiano di Psicoterapia Relazionale. Il prof. Giovanni Madonna ha presentato l'illustre ospite internazionale con parole cariche di stima e affetto, sottolineando come Nora abbia ereditato dal padre tutta la grazia che richiedono gli argomenti che questa straordinaria famiglia porta avanti ormai da ... Read More

Resilienza vs Apatia

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 "Potremmo sopravvivere se la Milizia della Mente si arma contro i ciechi del cambiamento climatico" In un mio post precedente ho parlato dei motivi per i quali, pur sapendo che ci sono dei cambiamenti climatici in atto, facciamo poco o nulla per invertirli e mitigarne le conseguenze negative sulle nostre vite. Uno di questi motivi è negare quello che sta ... Read More

Just one of those rainy days

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"At the Place of Rains the one-who-is-looking-for-whom-he-loves arrives, it is a divided place, for it depends on how you view the rain how this city will seem to you. It is the same place, it is the same rain, but one part of the city is a place of sorrow; heavy, tear-laden, overcast, dull. It seems as if there is ... Read More

The source of human emotions

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Human emotions are some of the most confusing and inexplicable “whatevers” that ever refuses to submit to rational analysis, yet they are what make us feel alive. Our feelings can help return us home to heal and rediscover our origins in the life force. Even those emotions that leave us lost, such as anger, sadness and guilt. Emotions just happen. ... Read More

How to add an extra day to your life

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This story has begun more than two thousand years ago and may have a huge impact to your life at the end of this month. It has some romance, some sci-fi and some exhistentialism. It all started with a romantic infusion. In 46 b.C. Caesar and Cleopatra were having their famous liason that could have completely changed our history. Well, ... Read More

January as a bridge

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It is in one mild day of winter, when the sun timidly shines in the cold air, that January seems a bridge. A bridge between two periods of the year, the dark winter and the colorful spring. A bridge between our old self and the new year's resolutions. A bridge is a necessary connection, the important "in-between" that defines a ... Read More

New year of the trees

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In the past we were more dependent on the weather outside our windows. That is why the seasonal holidays were particularly important during the coldest and darkest period of the year. It was a way to add light and remind that a warmer temperature and a longer daylight was on its way. Right yesterday I started a new book about ... Read More

Winter is here

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Cold as the northern wind in December morning… (Enya – Exile) Today it’s such an important date. January will still be pretty dark and cold, but from now on the Sun will be with us more and more, the days will grow longer, the light will pour out more abundant day by day. It’s a day of celebration, the Solis … Read More

Autumn as a gateway

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The most widely used calendar in the world is the Gregorian one, a refinement of the previous Julian calendar where January was the first month of the year due to political and civil reasons. The Celtic year, on the contrary, had a more evident seasonal root: it started in November, when the trees drop their leaves, everything is apparently dying ... Read More

We have always been part of the cycle

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What do a bumble bee and a farmer have in common? What's the real difference between planting potatoes in a field and getting some nectar from a flower? In this very interesting speach, journalist and author Michael Pollan helps us see things from a different point of you. Namely, the plant's perspective. When we plant something to eat, we think ... Read More

Autumn in the Japanese Garden (The Hague)

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Every autumn starts in The Hague with a touch of Oriental beauty. After the happy colors of the spring, the Japanese Garden offers its warm and contemplative embrace for a few days in October. The atmosphere is completely different and it helps our brain prepare to the new season and the upcoming cold. The small paths are now covered with ... Read More

And winter came…

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I borrow the title from Enya's winter album to synchronize my blog with the season that just took over. Today, December 22, begins the new part of the annual cycle when the daylight hours gradually gain ground after the longest night of the year, the one of the Winter Solstice. From today, everything is slowly awakening, even if the cold ... Read More