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Unlike the “practical” taste of human beings, made of squared edges and cuts, nature is shaped by the wind which harmonizes the rocks, the tides that gently mold the curves of the coastline, the elegant creativity of trees and shrubs.

The ecopsychologist Marcella Danon says that our culture, so marked bythea rational use of our mind, created square and artificial environments to live in and, in time, we lost the ability to feel at ease in natural environments. The longer we grow distant from nature, the more difficult to get in touch with our most vital, physical, emotional and intuitive side.
When the plastic didn’t exist yet, decorations were made with natural elements: leaves, bark, branches, berries, etc. We welcomed the nature indoors, its forms, its smells, its disorderly surfaces. That’s what I like of nature.
For some people it is easier and better to buy new furniture. Some other people find it fun to create their own furniture with some DIY. Truth is that, skilled or not, making something yourself is always very satisfing and the result.

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We’ve already got at hand most material: we only need to go for a walk in a park, in the woods or at the beach, pick something up and change their shape according to our needs and creativity!
The post cover shows how simple tree branches, the same used for our fireplaces and stoves, may suitably be arranged to create a fascinating coat hanger at the entrance to your house, spending very little money and having much fun to choose between different trees or using only one type of bark.

Sea or river stones, fruit peels, little branches to decorate (and recycle) a chipped glass, bigger branches for so many uses. And most of the times you just need tools you already have home (glue, hacksaw, iron wire, etc.) and some creativity. And that’s for free!


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