Primavera, Marte e biofilia

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Non tutti sanno che il calendario che usiamo al giorno d’oggi ha una storia lunga: ha origine, infatti, da quello che i Romani crearono nel 753 a.C., a sua volta basato su quelllo greco. Originariamente il calendario era basato sui movimenti della Luna e l’anno si apriva con il mese di Marzo: Martius Aprilis – dedicato all’agricoltura, il mese quando ... Read More

La demenza curata da una pianta preistorica?

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La Ginkgo biloba è la pianta vivente più antica del pianeta: i primi fossili sono stati trovati in strati di terreno risalgono a 250 milioni di anni fa. Se pensavate che i dinosauri fossero creature preistoriche, abbiamo qui una pianta che data precedentemente la loro comparsa sul pianeta Terra. L'incredibile resistenza di questa pianta, che ha attraversato le ereo geologiche, ... Read More

Just one of those rainy days

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"At the Place of Rains the one-who-is-looking-for-whom-he-loves arrives, it is a divided place, for it depends on how you view the rain how this city will seem to you. It is the same place, it is the same rain, but one part of the city is a place of sorrow; heavy, tear-laden, overcast, dull. It seems as if there is ... Read More

The first of spring

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Spring. This beautiful word comes from the Old English springan, meaning "to leap, burst forth, fly up; spread, grow". In Italian, the name of this season is primavera, from Latin primo vero, meaning "beginning of spring" (in Latin, the word ver (veris) means spring). In Dutch, the word lente comes from Old English lencten "springtime, spring". This year, spring arrives ... Read More

New year of the trees

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In the past we were more dependent on the weather outside our windows. That is why the seasonal holidays were particularly important during the coldest and darkest period of the year. It was a way to add light and remind that a warmer temperature and a longer daylight was on its way. Right yesterday I started a new book about ... Read More

Frozen Bubbles

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When the weather forecast announced about the unexpected cold from -9°C to -12°C last week, Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly decided to take an advantage of it in one truly creative way. Together with her 7-year-old son, Kelly combined the home-based remedies – dish soap, karo syrup, and water – and went out to blow bubbles and take pictures as they ... Read More

Winter is here

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Cold as the northern wind in December morning… (Enya – Exile) Today it’s such an important date. January will still be pretty dark and cold, but from now on the Sun will be with us more and more, the days will grow longer, the light will pour out more abundant day by day. It’s a day of celebration, the Solis … Read More

Roots in Nara

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A good friend of mine, graduated in Oriental Studies, visited Japan and its many beauties. I want to share with you some pictures she sent me, in particular some very particular trees in the Nara Park. I love the formations of the roots, I find them fascinating, like we have the glimpse of what's underneath the surface, beneath the undergrowth.

Nature decor 1

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Unlike the "practical" taste of human beings, made of squared edges and cuts, nature is shaped by the wind which harmonizes the rocks, the tides that gently mold the curves of the coastline, the elegant creativity of trees and shrubs. The ecopsychologist Marcella Danon says that our culture, so marked bythea rational use of our mind, created square and artificial ... Read More

Dutch grey sky

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I spent quite some time on Google looking for Dutch dirty-white sky pictures, the kind of sky that is so typical in this part of the planet. It is that light grey, almost homogeneous, and it stays like that whole day long, sometimes for days. I took the picture you can see in this post and I showed it to ... Read More

Autumn as a gateway

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The most widely used calendar in the world is the Gregorian one, a refinement of the previous Julian calendar where January was the first month of the year due to political and civil reasons. The Celtic year, on the contrary, had a more evident seasonal root: it started in November, when the trees drop their leaves, everything is apparently dying ... Read More

L’autunno secondo Jeroen

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Jeroen Drummen è un giovane fotografo di talento che vive a Masstricht (Paesi Bassi). A dire il vero, il suo amore per l'arte è davvero vasto: infatti ha composto finora una sorprendente quantità di pezzi musicali, qualcosa tra Enya degli inizi e Vangelis. Inoltre gira e monta i suoi video. Mezzi visuali e sonori per la sua creatività. Nel suo ... Read More

Autumn in the Japanese Garden (The Hague)

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Every autumn starts in The Hague with a touch of Oriental beauty. After the happy colors of the spring, the Japanese Garden offers its warm and contemplative embrace for a few days in October. The atmosphere is completely different and it helps our brain prepare to the new season and the upcoming cold. The small paths are now covered with ... Read More

The first of autumn

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September is perhaps more important than the whole spring. Sure, spring is explosive, voluptuous, rich and fresh, besides it brings the promise of warmth and the colors of rebirth. But the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn is crucial for every creature. We don’t notice it anymore, spoiled by supermarkets at every corner, but the harvesting period ... Read More

Suddenly after the rain

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Nature never ceases to surprise. In this case, nature is as marvellous as scary. This happened today in The Hague (The Netherlands) after a rainstorm. Suddenly the grey sky turned orange. Nothing strange, considering it was sunset. Well, the weird thing is that all the air went orange, everything covered in the very same color, like we were watching the ... Read More

A motionless green background? 2

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I've already quoted Michael Crichtons "Jurassic Park" three years ago, when I opened this blog. But also in another post quoting the paleobotany Ellise Sattler and her considerations on the plants used in the park. I liked the info Crichton reported which carified the idea that nature is not that motionless green background a superficial eye may see. In the ... Read More

The Nederlands celebrate nature!

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May is the month when spring expresses itself at its best! Even though Dutch weather is unpredictable and unreliable, The Nederlands celebrate the second edition of their Fête de la Nature (Feast of Nature)! Everywhere in the country you can participate for free in activities, little markets, music and much more. The reason why this event has been created and ... Read More

A motionless green background?

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Three years ago, when I opened this blog, I did it with a passage from Michael Crichton's book "Jurassic Park." For those who have not read the book (and perhaps has only seen the movie), we should remember that this work of Crichton speaks essentially of the emerging genetic engineering and the relationship between man (playing god) and nature, a ... Read More

Blood or chlorophyll?

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When nature will take over again. This seems to be the subtitle of these stunning sculptures created by the 29 year-old Yui Ishibashi. Look at the faces of these (still) human beings: they express melancholy, sadness, resignation. Although perfectly in life, they seem simple livelihoods for plants, rich humus, compost. Branches, roots and leaves plunge in their bodies, they become ... Read More