The beautiful you

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Sometimes you get caught off-guard and those thoughts promptly insinuate in your mind, cracking that Balance you carefully tried to build. But the problem is that Balance sometimes arrives with her sister, Avoidance. You avoided those thoughts for so long that they became monsters. The more you push them in the oblivion of your attention, the scarier they become. If ... Read More

Still violence against women

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In the Internation Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we should remember that violence takes many forms and can arise even in our family. For example: when we force our women in the stereotypical role of princesses, mothers, housewives; when we clip a girl's wings demanding her to behave in a certain way, to dress with certain colors; ... Read More

Teens, social media and sex

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Social media are part of our life, most people use it on a daily base, especially adolescents and young adults. The kind of use changes from person to person. 20% to 50% of adolescents show sexually revealing images of themselves on their online profile. What are the basis for this sexualization of their online profiles? Is it the easy access ... Read More

How to add an extra day to your life

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This story has begun more than two thousand years ago and may have a huge impact to your life at the end of this month. It has some romance, some sci-fi and some exhistentialism. It all started with a romantic infusion. In 46 b.C. Caesar and Cleopatra were having their famous liason that could have completely changed our history. Well, ... Read More

Dutch grey sky

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I spent quite some time on Google looking for Dutch dirty-white sky pictures, the kind of sky that is so typical in this part of the planet. It is that light grey, almost homogeneous, and it stays like that whole day long, sometimes for days. I took the picture you can see in this post and I showed it to ... Read More

Sadness impairs color perception

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"Mood and emotion can affect how we see the world around us", says psychology researcher Christofer Thorstenson. This apparently simple statement is the result of a very interesting research in University of Rochester. We all use colors to talk about feelings: wouldn't you use yellow or orange to express happiness and excitement on a canvas, for example? Or blue and ... Read More

Autumn in the Japanese Garden (The Hague)

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Every autumn starts in The Hague with a touch of Oriental beauty. After the happy colors of the spring, the Japanese Garden offers its warm and contemplative embrace for a few days in October. The atmosphere is completely different and it helps our brain prepare to the new season and the upcoming cold. The small paths are now covered with ... Read More

The first of autumn

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September is perhaps more important than the whole spring. Sure, spring is explosive, voluptuous, rich and fresh, besides it brings the promise of warmth and the colors of rebirth. But the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn is crucial for every creature. We don’t notice it anymore, spoiled by supermarkets at every corner, but the harvesting period ... Read More

A motionless green background? 2

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I've already quoted Michael Crichtons "Jurassic Park" three years ago, when I opened this blog. But also in another post quoting the paleobotany Ellise Sattler and her considerations on the plants used in the park. I liked the info Crichton reported which carified the idea that nature is not that motionless green background a superficial eye may see. In the ... Read More

Restroom Etiquette

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Last month I wrote a post on how to urinate in the correct way. And also a couple of curious and interesting aspects of the topic. As promised, this month we’re going to look at the “pee” subject from another point of view. That is public urinals, those walls, the only walls in the world where to pee legally. Obviously … Read More

How to pee correctly

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This post is about one of the more natural things we do and which we give a strong social meaning to. Because sometimes we human beings give more importance to culture than nature. Let's see why. DIAPER, MY FRIEND Among the things we do every day, several times a day since we are born, there is peeing. When we were ... Read More

Lammily vs Barbie

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It is 20 days before Christmas and we have time to buy something really nice to our children. I’m talking about Lammily, the doll that is created in the image and likeness of a real human being. What a difference! No wasp waist, no bony legs from praying mantis, no basketball player heights; on the contrary, a bust able to … Read More

Disney and Anorexia

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Last month we showed how Disney princesses might look if they had a human waistline. Just because of their look and audience, these wonderful and unreal girls and their male counterparts are now main characters of an awareness campaign about anorexia by the artist Saint Hoax. In these pictures, skeletal Snow White and Eric are not fit at all. [/text_output]

Why old horror movies don’t scare anymore

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In 1981, Stephen King, famous American writer of horror stories often brought to the silver screen, published an article on the genre. Deep down, he said, we are still primitive bloodthirsty beasts that would cut each other’s head off, if only we could. The fact is that we like fighting games full of violence, but now we prefer to call … Read More

More human Disney

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The only one I can forgive is Ariel, because a mermaid is not totally human. But frankly, even with a few more ribs, the red mermaid is undoubtedly beautiful. Comparing the before-after pictures shows us how ridiculous the proportions of the cartoons are: ok they are fantasy creatures, ok they are made of stylized lines, but here we have women ... Read More

Meeting the perfect woman and man

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Do you know summer is coming? Do you know the infamous "bathing suit test" is coming as well? As if we could forget it... Recently, the brand Bluebella, which markets sexy clothing and accessories, asked its customers to create the perfect man and woman assembling pieces of bodies of  famous people. A sort of modern monsters of Frankenstein. It was ... Read More

A motionless green background?

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Three years ago, when I opened this blog, I did it with a passage from Michael Crichton's book "Jurassic Park." For those who have not read the book (and perhaps has only seen the movie), we should remember that this work of Crichton speaks essentially of the emerging genetic engineering and the relationship between man (playing god) and nature, a ... Read More

Quit smoking the mindfulness

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Last week we talked about how mindfulness seems to increase body awareness. This increased awareness has effects on many aspects of our lives. A group of Chinese and American researchers have completed a pilot research on the influence that mindfulness can have on nicotine addiction. The focus of the research was not on the ability to quit smoking, but rather ... Read More