The beautiful you

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Sometimes you get caught off-guard and those thoughts promptly insinuate in your mind, cracking that Balance you carefully tried to build.
But the problem is that Balance sometimes arrives with her sister, Avoidance. You avoided those thoughts for so long that they became monsters. The more you push them in the oblivion of your attention, the scarier they become. If solved, this problem would be the vital force brightly projected to your future. Since unsolved, it is the dark mist which awaits you your every breath.

We should approach the greatest Fear of our life as we would with a scary and scared dragon: that tumultuous, humungous creature needs care, attention, a soft touch, consideration. We should bring kisses to the beast, let it lay with us, reassure it that we mean no harm. Once calmed down, we could then talk with the dragon, have a rational and yet loving conversation about Fear’s fears. Yes, even Fear has her own fears, that’s why she is so aggressive. We too become aggressive when we are afraid. And Aggressiveness starts to live outside of us, she becomes an indipendent being, the force that threats us with her sharp claws.

Fear, Aggressiveness, Avoidance, Balance, Fear, Aggressiveness, Avoidance, Balance, Fear…

One of these days I’ll invite this group of old friends for dinner.
Aggressiveness never stood much alcohol: two glasses of a good red wine and she will leave.
Bacchus is famous for melting inhibitions: it’s Avoidance’s turn to call it a night, while her sister Balance will try to follow the lead, stumbling on the roses in the garden.

Only Fear and I will remain at the table. Lights are low, you keep talking and drinking. She will try to seduce you, undressing from excuses and alibis, false expectations and stale memories. Finally exposed and bare, beautiful like a moment of glory, you will realise you are in front of a mirror: that gorgeous creature is you at your core, shining like a seed brimming with hope! Stare at you in the peak of possibility, potentiality, the primordial force that keeps life alive. Observe the details, that stuff that dreams are made of. Savor the vibrant, aggressive sensuality gushing from your being. That Marvel is the beautiful you.

And as the sun is about to rise again, your old friends are coming back to knock on your door again. Introduce them to Marvel, the new addition to the posse. Marvel is, it goes without saying, marvellous: she will turn Aggressiveness into Power and Avoidance into Enterprise. And Balance? Balance will stay Balance, in order to center you but, just like the others, she will no longer work against you, but with you.

Enjoy the change.

Marvel, Power, Enterprise, Balance, Marvel, Power, Enterprise, Balance, Marvel…