Nora e Gregory Bateson, Monet e un nuovo modo di fare psicologia

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Domenica 19 novembre 2017 si è tenuto a Roma un workshop teorico esperienziale di Nora Bateson organizzato dall'Istituto Italiano di Psicoterapia Relazionale. Il prof. Giovanni Madonna ha presentato l'illustre ospite internazionale con parole cariche di stima e affetto, sottolineando come Nora abbia ereditato dal padre tutta la grazia che richiedono gli argomenti che questa straordinaria famiglia porta avanti ormai da ... Read More

The Queen of Plastic Bottles

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Veronika Richterová is an artist. Period. This woman from Czech Republic creates with her hands a sorta paradise for recyclers: from plastic bottles you can see animals, plants, chandeliers and trophies coming out! Her creations, glassy and colored, are first of all beautiful. But some of them are also useful: aming them appears to be even funny scaremole! In her ... Read More

Dancretu’s food art

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Dancretu is a professional photographer who creates very beautiful sculptures and bas rilieves using food and skilful photographic techniques. Funny rabbits, elegant swans, sea horizons or diary constellations. Enjoy the show!

Blood or chlorophyll?

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When nature will take over again. This seems to be the subtitle of these stunning sculptures created by the 29 year-old Yui Ishibashi. Look at the faces of these (still) human beings: they express melancholy, sadness, resignation. Although perfectly in life, they seem simple livelihoods for plants, rich humus, compost. Branches, roots and leaves plunge in their bodies, they become ... Read More