Homemade cough remedies

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Everything started once upon a time. Smart viruses and bacteria understood that animal breath was a great, cheap way to travel from body to body. When assaulted, the breathing passages would generate a powerful injection of air to kick the invaders out. Straight to another host! Moreover, they would produce mucus to trap the unwelcome guests. Therefore coughing is a ... Read More

Lammily vs Barbie

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It is 20 days before Christmas and we have time to buy something really nice to our children. I’m talking about Lammily, the doll that is created in the image and likeness of a real human being. What a difference! No wasp waist, no bony legs from praying mantis, no basketball player heights; on the contrary, a bust able to … Read More

Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas

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How much waste paper to wrap our Christmas gifts ?! A rhetorical question. The answer? Well, an ecological disaster. How much paper torn and amassed every year on December 25?! So why not sharpen our wits and do something that, besides ecological , is also very original and cool? Some examples:  Internal recycling: that is, instead of tearing the paper, ... Read More

Re-Sack for smart grocery shopping

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Today grocery shopping, a nice weekly shopping. Obviously, lots of fruits and vegetables. How many disposable thin plastic bags (and gloves) are used every day? I do not know the number, but I see people put just two tomatoes in, one bag for each product when one would suffice: just stick all your receipts on it. And let's skip the ... Read More