Re-Sack for smart grocery shopping

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Today grocery shopping, a nice weekly shopping. Obviously, lots of fruits and vegetables.

How many disposable thin plastic bags (and gloves) are used every day? I do not know the number, but I see people put just two tomatoes in, one bag for each product when one would suffice: just stick all your receipts on it.
And let’s skip the use of gloves, in my opinion unnecessary: shouldn’t you anyway carefully wash your vegetables once home?
About the bags, personally I reuse them, mainly to cover the containers with the left-over. But the goal, you know, is further upstream of reuse: the less we produce, the more virtuous we are! So, do we want to do something clever?

Let’s meet Re-Sack! Re-Sack is the product designed by a young Dutch entrepreneur, Sjoerd van der Helm. During his training in Los Angeles, he was impressed by the fact that the government had banned plastic disposable bags in supermarkets. So he worked hard to commercialize bags that would have a small impact on the environment.

There are three types of bags, for different sizes and uses.
Two are net sacks, one large (38x30cm, post picture) and one smaller (19x16cm, on the left) for small or dried fruit. The advantage of the net is that the content is visible to the cashier and the air can go through.

The other type of bag (38x28cm, on the right) is opaque and tightly knit, useable for example to buy cereals or vegetables in bulk, as well as fruits and vegetables. All bags have a practical lace to close them. Very important, they are made of organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, therefore with strict rules to protect environment, workers and consumers. The color is neutral, avoiding any color for a logo or a picture, thus the attention to the environment is evident.

I have used these reusable bags of cotton and they are very useful. Among other things, the net bags get bigger as the weight of the content increases. Convenient, is not it? Space for a small medlar or a big watermelon! The bags are easy to wash, essential aspect as they will be reused many times; as stated by the manufacturer, it is normal that after the first wash they become slightly smaller, since made only with natural materials. However, follow the instruction: cold water and no dryer, otherwise you will end up with a thimble! But it does not bother us: both high temperatures and dryers would go against the principles of this great product.

They might say that plastic bags are free. Seriusly?! The price of Re-Sack is really low and reminds us that there are prices we don’t directly pay at the counter, but they have hidden costs we are going to pay in the future.
That’s why we like to be clever.