Lammily vs Barbie

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It is 20 days before Christmas and we have time to buy something really nice to our children. I’m talking about Lammily, the doll that is created in the image and likeness of a real human being.
What a difference!
No wasp waist, no bony legs from praying mantis, no basketball player heights; on the contrary, a bust able to contain all the necessary internal organs and a neck able to support a head with a brain. And fresh faced.


Lammily is the creature of Nickolay Lamm who has designed and commissioned this healthy alternative to the more famous Mattel doll. Lammily looks athletic, her feet are not forced into high heels pose, has brown hair like most of the inhabitants of planet Earth, can wear regular clothes.

Children asked to choose between the deformed Barbie and the normal Lammily, have chosen the latter: “It looks like my sister!”, replies a happy child. “It looks like a real person.”, says another child.
They asked the children what job may this doll have. The most popular answers: teacher, pilot, computer expert. And Lammily is perceived as athletics, because completely (and humanly) articulated: the majority of children thinks that this doll could be a swimmer. While Barbie is seen as a saleswoman in a clothing store, a model, a makeup artist; and someone even says, “In my opinion, she doesn’t work at all.”
Lammily really seems to be able to choose from many jobs.


lamm02The doll costs € 25,00. You can separately purchase clothes for different occasions, clothes in which Barbie would swim!

The interesting thing is that they also sell stickers to be applied on the body of the doll to add stretch marks, tattoos and more. Brilliant!

Dear children of consumerism, you can buy intelligently also dolls! Children want Lammily because they already have hundreds of Barbie, and especially prefer a doll they can really identify with.
Lammily promotes a healthy lifestyle, looks strong and fit, does not need fake eyelashes to succeed in life. In my opinion, a great teaching to our children.

Look at the following promotional video “Average is beautiful”:

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