The first of autumn

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September is perhaps more important than the whole spring. Sure, spring is explosive, voluptuous, rich and fresh, besides it brings the promise of warmth and the colors of rebirth.

But the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn is crucial for every creature. We don’t notice it anymore, spoiled by supermarkets at every corner, but the harvesting period is essential for the survival during the winter. It’s the time of the year when you can harvest corn, oat, parley; grapes are ready to become Bacchus’ drink and soon olives will become that healthy, golden nectar everybody has in its house.

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Days are still long enough to enjoy festivals and some outdoor activity. The sun is still warm and in this month you could experience the so called Indian Summer, a sudden, short period of warmth in autumn. But September is a little bit like the mad March: the weather could dry wells out and break some bridges.

Everything talks about hard work and reward now: you developed a plan during spring and summer, now it’s the final rush before you can harvest the results. But you need to be cautious, for it is important to make wise choices in order to hold what you reached so far.

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On the contrary, the unharvest fruit falls by itself, it moulders in the grass, attracting mice and birds. It is a perfect metaphore for our efforts: sometimes we fought and worked hard with a purpose, but the circumstances didn’t let this plan develop. If there is something nature teaches us is that nothing gets lost. During this period, Native Americans used to make little dolls out of corn husks: something that we would throw away was used in such a creative, artistic way. Despite there is something that didn’t work, we can always use it, it is always a resource ready to express its potential as soon as we give it good soil.
That is what happens to the dried beans we store in our cupboard: they seem dead, lifeless, almost stones. But give them water and a dark cradle and they will let their vitality explode! This is how nature works, this is how we work.

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Give thanks, celebrate, harvest, gather, meditate.

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