Record di download per CONTAGION spiegato

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Nel 2011 è uscito "Contagion", un film diretto da S. Sodenberg che segue la diffusione di una aggressiva infezione da Hong Kong al resto del mondo. I sintomi: inizialmente quelli di una banale influenza. La causa: l'incrocio di un virus tra un pipistrello e un maiale. L'infezione: avviene se si sta vicino ad una persona infetta o si tocca quello ... Read More

Svelare i misteri del Sole

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Nel 2007 uscì il film "Sunshine" (regia di Danny Boyle) il quale sembra un sci-fi qualsiasi ma questo è un errore grossolano. Il film è molto affascinante su vari aspetti, incluso quello filosofico, esistenziale e in questo la fotografia veste un importantissimo ruolo. La trama parte dal fatto che il Sole si stia spegnendo, la Terra sta congelando e una ... Read More

Gecko the little warrior

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People have opposite feelings about geckos: they either consider them cute or revolting. What about me? Well, one summer evening I was sitting with my family in a veranda, under a very beautiful wisteria pergola. While I was chatting, I felt something falling on my right shoulder: I turned my head and I saw a dark green spot. It didn't ... Read More

Suddenly after the rain

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Nature never ceases to surprise. In this case, nature is as marvellous as scary. This happened today in The Hague (The Netherlands) after a rainstorm. Suddenly the grey sky turned orange. Nothing strange, considering it was sunset. Well, the weird thing is that all the air went orange, everything covered in the very same color, like we were watching the ... Read More

Why the Dutch are so tall?

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Why are the Dutch so tall? To answer this question, a research published this week on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  Olivier Richters, Dutch bodybuilder (219cm) Why are the Dutch so tall? To answer this question, a research published this week on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. THE TALLEST ONES First of all, Dutch people are ... Read More

Are mushrooms animals?

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Often the most interesting discoveries happen by chance. That's what happened to me when I was watching the series "Hannibal". To be honest, the first episode I was not very interested. On the contrary, the second episode intrigued me. Without going into gruesome details (the enclosed picture is already quite disturbing ...), I will just say that FBI found in ... Read More

Why old horror movies don’t scare anymore

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In 1981, Stephen King, famous American writer of horror stories often brought to the silver screen, published an article on the genre. Deep down, he said, we are still primitive bloodthirsty beasts that would cut each other’s head off, if only we could. The fact is that we like fighting games full of violence, but now we prefer to call … Read More

Breakfast around the world

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This morning I was having my semi-Italian breakfast, very different from when I was living with my Dutch friend Roel. I remember I thought, back then, that there is not much difference between a Dutch breakfast and a Dutch lunch... they both include slices of bread, butter and something to spread on them. Almost impossible to miss peanut butter or ... Read More

Meeting the perfect woman and man

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Do you know summer is coming? Do you know the infamous "bathing suit test" is coming as well? As if we could forget it... Recently, the brand Bluebella, which markets sexy clothing and accessories, asked its customers to create the perfect man and woman assembling pieces of bodies of  famous people. A sort of modern monsters of Frankenstein. It was ... Read More