Frozen Bubbles

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When the weather forecast announced about the unexpected cold from -9°C to -12°C last week, Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly decided to take an advantage of it in one truly creative way. Together with her 7-year-old son, Kelly combined the home-based remedies – dish soap, karo syrup, and water – and went out to blow bubbles and take pictures as they ... Read More

L’autunno secondo Jeroen

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Jeroen Drummen è un giovane fotografo di talento che vive a Masstricht (Paesi Bassi). A dire il vero, il suo amore per l'arte è davvero vasto: infatti ha composto finora una sorprendente quantità di pezzi musicali, qualcosa tra Enya degli inizi e Vangelis. Inoltre gira e monta i suoi video. Mezzi visuali e sonori per la sua creatività. Nel suo ... Read More

Suddenly after the rain

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Nature never ceases to surprise. In this case, nature is as marvellous as scary. This happened today in The Hague (The Netherlands) after a rainstorm. Suddenly the grey sky turned orange. Nothing strange, considering it was sunset. Well, the weird thing is that all the air went orange, everything covered in the very same color, like we were watching the ... Read More

Dancretu’s food art

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Dancretu is a professional photographer who creates very beautiful sculptures and bas rilieves using food and skilful photographic techniques. Funny rabbits, elegant swans, sea horizons or diary constellations. Enjoy the show!