Mindfulness: i pensieri come nuvole

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Mindfulness, anche conosciuta come “meditazione di consapevolezza”, è una tecnica meditativa che da qualche anno sta avendo numerosissimi riconoscimenti. Questa tecnica aiuta a capire che pensieri, sensazioni ed emozioni sono continuamente in movimento e transitori. Secondo questa prospettiva, persino le attivazioni fisiologiche di dolore, ansia o un attacco di panico non sono immutabili e permanenti. “Panta rei“, per citare il ... Read More

Quit smoking the mindfulness

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Last week we talked about how mindfulness seems to increase body awareness. This increased awareness has effects on many aspects of our lives. A group of Chinese and American researchers have completed a pilot research on the influence that mindfulness can have on nicotine addiction. The focus of the research was not on the ability to quit smoking, but rather ... Read More

Meditation and body awareness

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The accuracy of the subjective perception of our own body widely differs between people. According to a research conducted in Canada, people who meditate have a more accurate perception of the signals coming from their body. For this study they recruited two groups of people: with and without experience of Vipassana meditation, the same at the base of Mindfulness, where ... Read More