How to pee correctly

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This post is about one of the more natural things we do and which we give a strong social meaning to. Because sometimes we human beings give more importance to culture than nature. Let’s see why.

Among the things we do every day, several times a day since we are born, there is peeing.
When we were toddlers we didn’t see any problem about that: the diaper was our most trusted friend!
Between 18 and 30 months, our parents begIn to show us how the world works, de-diapering our life and pointing out the potty chair: we can not do it wherever and whenever it urges! It must be very puzzling for a kid.
Nobody is scandalized if a child pees in the street, up to a certain, not very specified age. Among the categories allowed to do so there are also athletes during a marathon or a bicycle race .

But in addition to use the potty, they don’t tell us how to pee properly. Is there a specific position? Must we push? Does it damage holding it for too long?
Let’s see how to approach the wc in the right way. First of all it is always better to sit, even for male pee-ers: you can relax your pelvic floor much more easily.

1. Sit with your back straight but do not be rigid. Relax your shoulders and arms, put your hands on your legs.

2. Keep your feet completely on the floor. Separate your knees and open your legs.

3. Relax your pelvis, take your time. Do not force the flow, neither interrupt it.

4. When you’re done, to avoid dripping, shake your pelvis or bend forward. To be sure, push slightly.

5. Contract your pelvis in order to close your urethra and relax right after.

6. Use toilet paper gently, without rubbing. And use one-ply toilet paper 😉

Are you a guy and you prefer to use a urinal in a public toilet?

Relax standing vertically, do not bow forward. Neither put your hand against the wall. Do not stand on tiptoe.

Follow the previous instruction from point 3.

And now a few questions and oddities on the subject!
How much pee we produce every day?
Every day we go to the bathroom about 4/6 times. Obviously it depends on several variables: the amount and type of liquids drunk and food eaten (fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water); outside temperature (the warmer the day, the less full our bladder); sweat; certain types of drugs. On average we produce 1.5 /2 liters of urine per day.

Holding in your pee is bad, everybody knows it: stagnation of urine can cause inflammation, infection and cysts.

Can the bladder explode?
The brain can inhibit the leakage of urine until we find a toilet, but if the bladder is very full , the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor fails. In fact, one cannot contract a muscle too long , there are protection mechanism that compensate for the contraction with automatic relaxation.
In the unfortunate event of an accident or a sudden, violent pressure on the bladder, it may even explode if very full of urine. Terrible, but logical.

I am not able to urinate in public.
It’s called paruresis and is a much more common problem than you think. From the simplest case (the urinal is in plain view) to the most serious (even in a stall, if you feel the presence of people out ). A psychologist can help you overcome this problem.

Why does beer stimulates diuresis?
The high concentration of magnesium and potassium content in beer, combined with low levels of sodium, stimulate our kidneys to work.

Actually there are many things you could say about pee and we enjoy talking about it because it sweps away that air of fake manners around some topics. We all pee, young and old, humans and animals. There is nothing more normal, so let’s talk about that!