We have always been part of the cycle

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What do a bumble bee and a farmer have in common? What's the real difference between planting potatoes in a field and getting some nectar from a flower? In this very interesting speach, journalist and author Michael Pollan helps us see things from a different point of you. Namely, the plant's perspective. When we plant something to eat, we think ... Read More

L’autunno secondo Jeroen

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Jeroen Drummen è un giovane fotografo di talento che vive a Masstricht (Paesi Bassi). A dire il vero, il suo amore per l'arte è davvero vasto: infatti ha composto finora una sorprendente quantità di pezzi musicali, qualcosa tra Enya degli inizi e Vangelis. Inoltre gira e monta i suoi video. Mezzi visuali e sonori per la sua creatività. Nel suo ... Read More

Gecko the little warrior

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People have opposite feelings about geckos: they either consider them cute or revolting. What about me? Well, one summer evening I was sitting with my family in a veranda, under a very beautiful wisteria pergola. While I was chatting, I felt something falling on my right shoulder: I turned my head and I saw a dark green spot. It didn't ... Read More

Psychobiotics against depression

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What we eat is what we are made of. It is not just a saying. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are made of the very same elements our body is made of, that's why we need these nutrients. How do our genes interact with these nutrients? This is what nutrigenomic studies. And since we all have a different body, the effort ... Read More

Sadness impairs color perception

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"Mood and emotion can affect how we see the world around us", says psychology researcher Christofer Thorstenson. This apparently simple statement is the result of a very interesting research in University of Rochester. We all use colors to talk about feelings: wouldn't you use yellow or orange to express happiness and excitement on a canvas, for example? Or blue and ... Read More

Autumn in the Japanese Garden (The Hague)

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Every autumn starts in The Hague with a touch of Oriental beauty. After the happy colors of the spring, the Japanese Garden offers its warm and contemplative embrace for a few days in October. The atmosphere is completely different and it helps our brain prepare to the new season and the upcoming cold. The small paths are now covered with ... Read More

The first of autumn

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September is perhaps more important than the whole spring. Sure, spring is explosive, voluptuous, rich and fresh, besides it brings the promise of warmth and the colors of rebirth. But the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn is crucial for every creature. We don’t notice it anymore, spoiled by supermarkets at every corner, but the harvesting period ... Read More

Suddenly after the rain

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Nature never ceases to surprise. In this case, nature is as marvellous as scary. This happened today in The Hague (The Netherlands) after a rainstorm. Suddenly the grey sky turned orange. Nothing strange, considering it was sunset. Well, the weird thing is that all the air went orange, everything covered in the very same color, like we were watching the ... Read More

A motionless green background? 2

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I've already quoted Michael Crichtons "Jurassic Park" three years ago, when I opened this blog. But also in another post quoting the paleobotany Ellise Sattler and her considerations on the plants used in the park. I liked the info Crichton reported which carified the idea that nature is not that motionless green background a superficial eye may see. In the ... Read More

The Nederlands celebrate nature!

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May is the month when spring expresses itself at its best! Even though Dutch weather is unpredictable and unreliable, The Nederlands celebrate the second edition of their Fête de la Nature (Feast of Nature)! Everywhere in the country you can participate for free in activities, little markets, music and much more. The reason why this event has been created and ... Read More

Carrots boost your manhood!

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They used to say that autoeroticism made you blind. Then we were told that carrots help your eyesight. Well, just one of the previous statements is correct, guess which one... But o, how ironic! scientists found that carrots are good for your sperm as well! But let's start from the beginning. The nutrients involved are carotenoids, organic pigments which give ... Read More

Why the Dutch are so tall?

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Why are the Dutch so tall? To answer this question, a research published this week on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  Olivier Richters, Dutch bodybuilder (219cm) Why are the Dutch so tall? To answer this question, a research published this week on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. THE TALLEST ONES First of all, Dutch people are ... Read More

The Queen of Plastic Bottles

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Veronika Richterová is an artist. Period. This woman from Czech Republic creates with her hands a sorta paradise for recyclers: from plastic bottles you can see animals, plants, chandeliers and trophies coming out! Her creations, glassy and colored, are first of all beautiful. But some of them are also useful: aming them appears to be even funny scaremole! In her ... Read More

Restroom Etiquette

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Last month I wrote a post on how to urinate in the correct way. And also a couple of curious and interesting aspects of the topic. As promised, this month we’re going to look at the “pee” subject from another point of view. That is public urinals, those walls, the only walls in the world where to pee legally. Obviously … Read More

How to pee correctly

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This post is about one of the more natural things we do and which we give a strong social meaning to. Because sometimes we human beings give more importance to culture than nature. Let's see why. DIAPER, MY FRIEND Among the things we do every day, several times a day since we are born, there is peeing. When we were ... Read More

Coca Cola + Stevia

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Sometimes corporations make me really laugh. For example McDonald’s, presenting a “new” sandwich different from the preceding one only for the position of the filling: the slice of meat is above the cheese, rather than under, or the sauce is considerably more dense. For example Coca-Cola, trying in every way to hide the deleterious effects of a continued consumption of … Read More

Are mushrooms animals?

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Often the most interesting discoveries happen by chance. That's what happened to me when I was watching the series "Hannibal". To be honest, the first episode I was not very interested. On the contrary, the second episode intrigued me. Without going into gruesome details (the enclosed picture is already quite disturbing ...), I will just say that FBI found in ... Read More

Lammily vs Barbie

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It is 20 days before Christmas and we have time to buy something really nice to our children. I’m talking about Lammily, the doll that is created in the image and likeness of a real human being. What a difference! No wasp waist, no bony legs from praying mantis, no basketball player heights; on the contrary, a bust able to … Read More