La salute si siede a tavola

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C’è un’arte per la quale gli italiani sono universalmente conosciuti: prima ancora di pittura, musica e moda, l’Italia nel mondo è sinonimo di buona cucina. Patria della dieta mediterranea (dichiarata patrimonio dell’umanità dall’UNESCO), l’Italia ha sviluppato una cucina capace di creare ottimi piatti con pochissimi ingredienti: per esempio, pasta, olio e pomodoro. E magari un tocco di basilico per ricordare ... Read More

Resilienza vs Apatia

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 "Potremmo sopravvivere se la Milizia della Mente si arma contro i ciechi del cambiamento climatico" In un mio post precedente ho parlato dei motivi per i quali, pur sapendo che ci sono dei cambiamenti climatici in atto, facciamo poco o nulla per invertirli e mitigarne le conseguenze negative sulle nostre vite. Uno di questi motivi è negare quello che sta ... Read More

Effetti del cambiamento climatico sulla psiche

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Siamo esseri umani e siamo limitati dalla nostra fisiologia e dalle nostre capacità cognitive. Per esempio, per vedere al buio dobbiamo accendere le luci; per stare sott'acqua abbiamo bisogno di bombole d'ossigeno; riusciamo a ricordare solamente 7 cose alla volta (più o meno) prima che scompaiano dalla memoria a breve termine. Un altro importante elemento è che siamo mortali e ... Read More

The beautiful you

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Sometimes you get caught off-guard and those thoughts promptly insinuate in your mind, cracking that Balance you carefully tried to build. But the problem is that Balance sometimes arrives with her sister, Avoidance. You avoided those thoughts for so long that they became monsters. The more you push them in the oblivion of your attention, the scarier they become. If ... Read More

Just one of those rainy days

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"At the Place of Rains the one-who-is-looking-for-whom-he-loves arrives, it is a divided place, for it depends on how you view the rain how this city will seem to you. It is the same place, it is the same rain, but one part of the city is a place of sorrow; heavy, tear-laden, overcast, dull. It seems as if there is ... Read More

Still violence against women

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In the Internation Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we should remember that violence takes many forms and can arise even in our family. For example: when we force our women in the stereotypical role of princesses, mothers, housewives; when we clip a girl's wings demanding her to behave in a certain way, to dress with certain colors; ... Read More

Dieci alberi ti fanno felice

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La famosa ricerca di Ulrich negli anni Ottanta (i pazienti ricoverati in un ospedale sono stati dimessi quasi un giorno prima, se le finestre delle loro camere davano su alberi al posto che su un muro) hanno stimolato una domanda molto importante in alcuni scienziati guidati dal professore di psicologia Marc Berman (Università di Chicago): che tipo di potere curativo ... Read More

What counts as a serving?

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Everybody knows that a healthy diet includes at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. This general tip, in addition to being healthy and adequate, also introduces many different flavors that can please all palates, thanks to the enormous variety of fruit and vegetable products from our planet. Let's clear up the meaning of the word "serving". First ... Read More

The source of human emotions

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Human emotions are some of the most confusing and inexplicable “whatevers” that ever refuses to submit to rational analysis, yet they are what make us feel alive. Our feelings can help return us home to heal and rediscover our origins in the life force. Even those emotions that leave us lost, such as anger, sadness and guilt. Emotions just happen. ... Read More

The first of spring

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Spring. This beautiful word comes from the Old English springan, meaning "to leap, burst forth, fly up; spread, grow". In Italian, the name of this season is primavera, from Latin primo vero, meaning "beginning of spring" (in Latin, the word ver (veris) means spring). In Dutch, the word lente comes from Old English lencten "springtime, spring". This year, spring arrives ... Read More

Teens, social media and sex

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Social media are part of our life, most people use it on a daily base, especially adolescents and young adults. The kind of use changes from person to person. 20% to 50% of adolescents show sexually revealing images of themselves on their online profile. What are the basis for this sexualization of their online profiles? Is it the easy access ... Read More

How to add an extra day to your life

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This story has begun more than two thousand years ago and may have a huge impact to your life at the end of this month. It has some romance, some sci-fi and some exhistentialism. It all started with a romantic infusion. In 46 b.C. Caesar and Cleopatra were having their famous liason that could have completely changed our history. Well, ... Read More

January as a bridge

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It is in one mild day of winter, when the sun timidly shines in the cold air, that January seems a bridge. A bridge between two periods of the year, the dark winter and the colorful spring. A bridge between our old self and the new year's resolutions. A bridge is a necessary connection, the important "in-between" that defines a ... Read More

New year of the trees

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In the past we were more dependent on the weather outside our windows. That is why the seasonal holidays were particularly important during the coldest and darkest period of the year. It was a way to add light and remind that a warmer temperature and a longer daylight was on its way. Right yesterday I started a new book about ... Read More

Homemade cough remedies

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Everything started once upon a time. Smart viruses and bacteria understood that animal breath was a great, cheap way to travel from body to body. When assaulted, the breathing passages would generate a powerful injection of air to kick the invaders out. Straight to another host! Moreover, they would produce mucus to trap the unwelcome guests. Therefore coughing is a ... Read More

Frozen Bubbles

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When the weather forecast announced about the unexpected cold from -9°C to -12°C last week, Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly decided to take an advantage of it in one truly creative way. Together with her 7-year-old son, Kelly combined the home-based remedies – dish soap, karo syrup, and water – and went out to blow bubbles and take pictures as they ... Read More

Winter is here

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Cold as the northern wind in December morning… (Enya – Exile) Today it’s such an important date. January will still be pretty dark and cold, but from now on the Sun will be with us more and more, the days will grow longer, the light will pour out more abundant day by day. It’s a day of celebration, the Solis … Read More

Roots in Nara

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A good friend of mine, graduated in Oriental Studies, visited Japan and its many beauties. I want to share with you some pictures she sent me, in particular some very particular trees in the Nara Park. I love the formations of the roots, I find them fascinating, like we have the glimpse of what's underneath the surface, beneath the undergrowth.

Nature decor 1

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Unlike the "practical" taste of human beings, made of squared edges and cuts, nature is shaped by the wind which harmonizes the rocks, the tides that gently mold the curves of the coastline, the elegant creativity of trees and shrubs. The ecopsychologist Marcella Danon says that our culture, so marked bythea rational use of our mind, created square and artificial ... Read More

Dutch grey sky

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I spent quite some time on Google looking for Dutch dirty-white sky pictures, the kind of sky that is so typical in this part of the planet. It is that light grey, almost homogeneous, and it stays like that whole day long, sometimes for days. I took the picture you can see in this post and I showed it to ... Read More